Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dansk Supermarked Gruppen Boosts Fresh Credentials with ADC’s Fresh Item Management (FIM) Software Suite

In the final article in conjunction with Retail Time's definitive Guide to Profitable Fresh Foods Retailing, we discuss how Dansk Supermarked Gruppen (DSG) has implemented ADC’s Fresh Item Management software to boost performance in its fresh foods departments at Føtex supermarkets and Bilka hypermarkets.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Milam's Markets Selects and Implements ADC's InterScale Scales Manager

ADC is pleased to announce that Milam’s Markets, a 4 store chain headquartered in Miami, Florida, has selected and implemented ADC’s InterScale Scales Manager.

Milam’s Markets was looking for a centralized scales management solution to work with their Hobart and Mettler Toledo scales, which led to their selection of ADC’s InterScale Scales Manager. 

Additionally, ADC provided consulting services to assist Milam’s Markets with organizing their data structure to ensure it would allow for seamless future integrations and implementations of software.

With InterScale, Milam’s Markets can manage all of the data for their barcode labeling scales, including change batch creation and management, performing network tests and re-loading scales with item price and food safety information.

“We’re pleased to see Milam’s Markets successfully install our InterScale Scales Manager in their 4 stores,” said Steve Loveridge, CEO at ADC.  “We look forward to working with Milam’s Markets on future Fresh Item Management projects.”

For more information, please contact:
Jamie Simon
+1.813.849.1818 Ext. 2238

About Milam’s Markets
We aren't some superstore that doesn’t have any roots to the community we serve- Milam's Markets is a Florida family owned business that has been employing Florida workers and contributing to our local community since 1984.  For more information on Milam's Markets, please visit

About Applied Data Corporation (ADC)
Since 1989, Applied Data Corporation (ADC) has specialized in the development of data-management solutions for the supermarket, grocery and fresh-food industries. The InterScale scales management software developed by ADC is a global technology leader for host management of supermarket barcode-printing scales and printers. The InterScale system is a member of ADC's InterStore suite of fresh applications which also includes: NutriGen recipe management and P-Cubed shrink management, fresh inventory management, perishable production planning and demand-driven ordering.  InterStore consolidates ADC's lead in the Fresh Item Management (FIM) software market with an integrated fresh software suite to provide greater efficiencies and optimize production in the grocer's fresh-food departments. ADC has over 125 supermarket chains and over 10,000 stores installed in 11 countries.  For more information on ADC visit

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Retailer in the Midwest Selects ADC’S InterScale Scales Manager and NutriGen Recipe Manager

ADC announces that a retailer located in the Midwest has selected InterScale Scales Manager and NutriGen Recipe Manager.

The retailer selected InterScale Scales Manager to use with their Hobart scales.  Additionally, the retailer selected InterScale to increase accurate scale labeling, provide visibility of scale communication errors and re-loading scales with item price and food safety information.

Once implementation of InterScale is complete, the retailer will begin implementation of NutriGen Recipe Manager for the large variety of in-store prepared food items they offer in store.  NutriGen Recipe Manager will provide visibility of all recipes, the final cost of produced items (including packaging and labor), as well as legally compliant nutritional information for all produced items.

“We are pleased to see one of our newest customers moving forward with the implementation of our InterScale Scales Manager software, as they previously attended our ReFresh conference to learn more about our company and our software solutions,” said Steve Loveridge, CEO at ADC.  “We look forward to hearing the successes with InterScale and working with them on future FIM projects, including installing our NutriGen Recipe Manager.”

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Tier-One Grocery Chain Selects and Implements ADC’s Meat Grind Traceability Manager to Over 1,000 Stores

ADC announces that a tier-one grocery chain has selected ADC’s Meat Grind Traceability Manager and implemented the software to over 1,000 stores.

The P-Cubed Meat Grind Traceability Manager provides an electronic traceability record for all meat that is ground in stores, with sanitation records for the meat grinder equipment. 

“To automate the traceability of our meat grind process, we installed ADC’s P-Cubed Meat Grind Traceability Manager to replace our existing paper-based meat grind logs,” said the Director of Food Safety at the retailer.  “Our primary focus was transparent record retention and retrieval; however, we have also greatly reduced labor for our store associates with ADC’s software.”

With the P-Cubed Meat Grind Traceability Manager, store associates use a wireless handheld scanner to scan the barcodes of supplied meat as it is included in each batch of grind. Traceability of grind content data is retained in a centralized repository at the retailers HQ and is available for inquiry and reporting via PDF or exported to Excel for distribution or further review.

In order to ensure all of our stores were using the new meat grind process as quickly as possible, we set a very aggressive implementation schedule of 150 stores per week,” the Director of Food Safety continued.  “Our team then went back in to see how stores were adopting the software and to make sure the new processes were being followed.”

The data collection and reporting solutions meet all current United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines and best practices for traceability in meat grinding and grind equipment sanitation.  

“We are pleased to see how quickly and smoothly this retailer has implemented our P-Cubed Meat Grind Traceability Manager software,” said Steve Loveridge, ADC’s CEO.  “Meat grind traceability continues to be a current topic in food safety and we continue to work with regulatory bodies and retail food safety groups to ensure our software continues to help retailers meet and exceed these regulations, in the USA and abroad.”

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Friday, January 23, 2015

ADC Announces Dates for 14th Annual ReFresh Fresh Item Management (FIM) Conference

ADC is excited to announce the announce dates for our 14th annual ReFresh Fresh Item Management (FIM) Conference – September 21-24, 2015 at the Sheraton Sand Key in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

ReFresh is an annual conference held by ADC that brings together grocery, convenience and food service retailers, industry partners and subject matter experts to discuss and share information on the latest technologies for managing fresh foods.

ReFresh attendees represent a range of roles within food retail, including Information Technology, Fresh Department Managers, Store Operations, Food Safety Managers and FIM Coordinators.  ReFresh is an excellent opportunity for current and prospective FIM users to discuss and share ideas on technology solutions for fresh food categories.

The ReFresh agenda is developed based on input from ADC’s Retail Advisory Board, current food safety regulations affecting fresh food categories, the latest developments in FIM technologies and feedback from previous conferences. The agenda is a combination of presentations by subject matter experts, retailer presentations, round-table discussions lead by retailers, FIM software presentations and networking opportunities. 

To learn more about ReFresh 2015, please click here.  To read a recap of ReFresh 2014, please click here

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"ADC’s P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planner helps Retailers Optimize Fresh Foods and Manage Waste"

In the third installment of Retail Time's definitive Guide to Profitable Fresh Foods Retailing, we explore how retailers can best manage fresh foods production, maintain availability, manage markdowns and shrink and cut food waste. 

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Monday, January 5, 2015