Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brookshire Grocery Company Completes Implementation of ADC's P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planner

ADC announces that Brookshire Grocery Company, a 150 store chain based in Tyler, Texas has completed rollout of ADC’s P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planning module in all of their stores.

The P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planning module generates demand-based production plans from store-specific sales forecasts, which results in having the optimum amount and variety of fresh foods available at the right time for customers.  Brookshire Grocery Company implemented the P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planner as a sales building and shrink management tool for their fresh food departments.

“All 150 of our stores are now running production planning in four departments – deli, bakery, chef prepared and produce.  On average, we run around 1,000 production plans per day per department across our 150 stores,” said Jonathan Key, Fresh Item Management Coordinator at Brookshire Grocery Company.  

The P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planner has taken the guesswork out of fresh food production planning.  With the software, Brookshire Grocery Company now has educated in-stock information on availability in their fresh food departments. 

Brookshire Grocery Company implemented the software in phases to enable rigorous training in each store.  ”The first stores to start using the software reported that the production numbers were incredibly accurate.  One store director reported that they have had their best quarter ever, with more sales and less shrink,” continued Jonathan.

Brookshire Grocery Company also tracks how the stores comply with the production plan. “With management oversight and support, we are seeing, on average, a 97% compliance rating across our stores,” Jonathan stated.  

“We are thrilled to hear the results that Brookshire Grocery Company is reporting,” said Steve Loveridge, ADC’s CEO.  “An important success factor to such a new technology initiative is to have store associate support.  Brookshire Grocery Company has put the right steps in place to ensure store associates are using the tools.”

The P-Cubed In-Store Fresh Production Planner is a module within P-Cubed, ADC’s Production Manager system.  P-Cubed is one of three software systems that comprise InterStore, ADC's integrated fresh item management software suite. The other two systems are: InterScale Scales Manager, which hosts data to and from barcode labeling scales in the fresh food departments, and the NutriGen Recipe Manager, which derives the true cost of recipes (including packaging and labor), as well as managing all of the allergen and nutritional facts through their recipes for legally compliant labeling. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

ADC Announces New Developments and Features within InterScale Scales Manager

ADC announces new developments and features within InterScale Scales Manager software system.

The first new feature within InterScale is the System Dashboard that provides users a graphically summarized, drill-down view of business performance and expectations, including monitoring of mission critical events and errors.  Users simply click a graph to drill-down for more details.

“We developed the System Dashboard to help our customers quickly and easily assess the performance and health of their system as soon as they login to InterScale,” said Steve Loveridge, CEO at ADC.  “The System Dashboard is a powerful tool that helps our customers further maximize their FIM investment.”

Another new feature within InterScale is the release of the multi-threading scale communications program that facilitates concurrent communication to a user-definable number of scales, in a user-definable number of stores.

The third new development within InterScale is the release of the Scale Firmware Manager that enables scale administrators to import and organize firmware for all scales that support remote firmware updates, in all of their stores.  Additionally, the Scale Firmware Manager allows users to import new firmware, select a device in which to update firmware, or simply just organize the firmware with distinctive names.

“It is our goal at ADC to provide our customers with an integrated FIM solution that helps address pain points across all fresh departments,” continued Steve.  “We are very pleased to release these new features and developments within InterScale, as each has been developed to maximize the value of our customers’ investment in their ADC FIM software.”

Thursday, February 6, 2014

ADC Announces Dates for 13th Annual ReFresh Fresh Item Management (FIM) and User Conference

Tampa, Florida - February 3, 2014 - Applied Data Corporation (ADC), a leading provider of fresh item, recipe management, and scales management software to the grocery retail and food service industries, announces the dates of their annual ReFresh Fresh Item Management (FIM) Conference – September 22-25, 2014 at the Sheraton Sand Key in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

ReFresh is a leading industry event for grocery, convenience and food service retailers interested in learning about the newest technologies for managing fresh foods.  The ReFresh conference agenda includes industry expert presentations, retailer experience presentations, themed round-table discussions and networking opportunities.

ReFresh attendees come from a variety of roles within food retail, including Information Technology/Information Systems, Directors/Managers, FIM Coordinators, Fresh Department Directors/Managers and Store Operations/Systems.

“We are very much looking forward to ReFresh 2014,” said Steve Loveridge, ADC’s CEO.  “ReFresh provides face-time among our customers and other subject matter experts in our fresh foods technology niche to share the latest FIM developments, hear how FIM technologies are being used and discuss ideas for future development.”

Recap of ReFresh 2013
ADC hosted the 12th annual ReFresh Conference from October 7-October 10, 2013 at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  ReFresh attendees represented eighteen retailers from across the United States.  Presentations included:

  • “Regulatory Update: Key Issues in Food Safety and Labeling” by Erik Lieberman, Regulatory Counsel at the Food Marketing Institute.  Erik shared upcoming food safety legislation that will affect retailers, including the changes to Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) and the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA).
  • “Consumer Drivers of Fresh Food Growth” by Sarah Schmansky, Director of Account Services at Nielsen Perishables Group.  Sarah discussed current trends in the fresh food departments, including consumer trends and behavior.
  • "Electronic Grind Log” by Larry Kohl, Director of Food Safety at Delhaize America.  Larry discussed how Delhaize America is implementing and using ADC’s Meat Grind Traceability software, including how the software is better preparing stores for transparent record retention and retrieval.  
Retailer Feedback:
  • “Very informative and one of the best conferences I’ve attended!”
  • “Excellent opportunity to understand how other retailers are using ADC’s software.  The insight on how other retailers are doing things is crucial!  Thank you for the opportunity!”
  • “Topics were relevant and timely and presenters were very informative.  Seminars were very motivating and on target.”
Sponsor Interaction – This year’s ReFresh had 8 industry sponsors, including Mettler Toledo, Rice Lake Retail Solutions, Specialty Printing, Zebra Technologies, Bizerba, BRdata, Hobart and NBI Digi.  Each sponsor showcased the latest hardware and technology solutions available for fresh food retailers.
To learn more about ReFresh 2014, click here.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Publix Super Markets Completes Implementation of ADC's InterScale Scales Management Software System

ADC announces that Publix Super Markets, a 1,081 store chain headquartered in Lakeland,
Florida, has completed implementation of InterScale, ADC’s Scales Management Software system, into all of their stores.

InterScale is now transmitting data to and from the barcode labeling scales in all of Publix’s stores.  InterScale communicates with over fifty different types of barcode labeling scales, printers and kiosks, from a variety of manufacturers.

“We are pleased that Publix has completed the roll-out of InterScale into all of their stores” said Steve Loveridge, ADC’s CEO.

InterScale is one of three systems within ADC’s InterStore FIM software suite and works with the NutriGen Recipe Manager and the P-Cubed In-Store Food Production Manager to provide grocers with an integrated software solution to help increase efficiencies in their fresh departments. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

ADC Announces the Release of C-Pack and C-Pack+ Software Bundles for Convenience Stores

ADC announces the release of the C-Pack and C-Pack+ software bundles, designed for fresh food management by convenience store retailers.

The C-Pack software bundle provides easy to use recommendations for convenience store operators on what and how much fresh foods to prepare, based on historical sales, recent trends, special events and shrink analysis.  C-Pack+ is a supplement to the C-Pack software bundle that offers near-real-time inventory monitoring of fresh food items.

 “Convenience store chains experience similar pain points as grocery/supermarket retailers when it comes to fresh food items,” said Steve Loveridge, ADC’s CEO.  “In order to help convenience store chains realize the benefits of a Fresh Item Management (FIM) system, we’ve taken the most relevant software modules from our existing software suite and bundled them specifically for convenience stores.”

The C-Pack software bundle includes the P-Cubed Production Manager and P-Cubed Shrink Manager.  The C-Pack+ supplemental software bundle includes the P-Cubed Physical Inventory, P-Cubed Perpetual Inventory and the NutriGen Recipe Manager. Both include special licensing terms to reflect the limited assortment of fresh food items that can be important “destination items” to convenience store retailers.

To learn more about each of the software bundles, please click here.  For pricing, a demonstration or to arrange an evaluation, please contact:

In the Americas: Stanley Boschert at +1.813.849.1818 Ext. 2245
In Europe: Chris Evans at +44 (0)1799.524.835